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Alt Reality Lexicon: right-wing Online Subculures

Alt-Right EDIT: every changing definition?*
The Alt-Right is a loosely-connected group of white supremacists, neo-nazis, neo-fascists and other “new” far right-wing subcultures from America and Western Europe. They believe that the left, or “new left” is now the predominant political movement of the elites, and has infiltrated our media, universities and governments. In order to conquer these areas back they are reappropriating a transgressive language once used by the left. At the core of their ideology is a fear of the foreign. They believe if the West doesn't act now, the demise of western civilization will be fact rather than fiction being overflown by other and “lesser” cultures.


The Manosphere is a subculture which feel after three waves of feminism the pendulum has swung too far in favor of women and it has caused unfair policies and regulations, and a deeply unbalanced sexual marketplace. On different websites, blogs and YouTube they are teaching men to acquire an alpha frame and skills to save Western civilization of its eventual demise caused by feminism and weak beta men.

Manosphere Lexicon